GraphConnect 2013 NYC

I have attended the GraphConnect conference in New York organized by Neo Technologies, the creator of Neo4J, the most popular graph database (according to them and Wikipedia as well). There were three main presentations and numerous smaller ones, I will summarize what I have learned, what I have found interesting.

Neo4J is by far the most popular graph database according to The main difference between Neo4J and its closest competitors (closest as if comparing popularity of McDonald’s to a local bar in a village) is that Titan and OrientDB are by design distributed graph databases with multi-master architecture while Neo4J has a single master multiple slave replication architecture.

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Configuring Log4J from system property in web application on JBoss 7

I needed to implement a web application using Spring MVC that would be portable (as much as possible) across servlet containers and application servers. I used SLF4J for logging with Log4J as implementation and wanted the logging to be independent from the hosting container. We used Puppet to automate configuration management and deployment. Hence came the requirement to allow the (dev)op guys to configure the logging with an external file that is not embedded in the final WAR file.

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